Day 9 (2012)

Director: Tom Ryan

Screenwriter:  Tom Ryan

Genre:  Zombie Horror


Day 9 is a 2012 short film release. The story revolves around Tom, a husband and father, who is faced with a most horrifying situation. Having just dropped his children off at their grandparent’s house so he and his wife Melanie could spend a long weekend alone, he begins to see the signs of a widespread catastrophe unfolding. Through news reports and first-hand experience, it isn’t long before Tom is thrust into the middle of a full blown zombie apocalypse. Trapped in his house and surrounded by the undead he realizes the clock is ticking on his life and the lives of his family. Through Tom’s narration and a series of flashbacks the viewer learns how it all unfolded and experiences the tortured days and decisions Tom is forced to make. The climactic ending will resonate with anyone who ever wondered what they would do if they were faced with a similar situation and will beg the question “are you really prepared for the zombie apocalypse?”

FACES (2014)

Director:  Tom Ryan

Asst Director/DP: Christian Santiago

Screenwriter:  Tom Ryan

Genre:  Horror/Thriller


This feature takes you on a dark journey with Jersey City resident Frank Walker. Frank is reaching wits end trying to keep his life in order as his money and mental troubles gradually get worse. With hints about a troubled past we begin to understand that Frank’s behavior may have origins we aren’t privy to. After yet another failed job interview and a night of heavy drinking, Frank gets a visit from a local bar fly named Charlie. That meeting and the friendship they develop is what ultimately changes Frank's life forever. Starring: Tom Ryan, Paul Gmitter, Edward X. Young, Joe Parascand, Bradley Creanzo, Caroline Pozycki, Jason Greco, Deanna Demko, Tom Schorr, Michele O'Reilly Eddie McGhie, Andrew La Bruno, Rodrigo Bustamante and Michelle Rosado  

RAPT (2016)

Director: Tom Ryan

Screenwriter: Jerry Janda and Russell Hackett

Genre: Horror/Dark Comedy

Camp Hysteria is where independent filmmakers take their newly released work to be screened in front of a test audience. When one filmmaker's first feature film bombs at an event, he realizes his worst fears of rejection. Those fears are only made worse when he reads a popular blogger's insult laden review. The filmmaker becomes obsessed with making the perfect indie film for the gore-hungry crowd but the road this obsession takes him down crosses paths with some of his harshest critics who unwittingly help him make complete his latest project! Starring Russell Hackett. Jerry Janda, Diane Hackett, Todd Staruch, and David Ryzman 

The Gift (2017)

Director: Tom Ryan

Screenwriter: Tom Ryan

Genre: Dark drama  


A prostitute running from the scene of a crime seeks refuge in an old antique store. The mysterious shop keeper listens to her story and offers her a second chance at a happy life in the form of a gift. Starring Heather Brittain O'Scanlon, Adam Ginsberg, John Zion, Danielle Najarian, Edward X. Young, Sanjeev Surati and Carianna Ryan.


The Gift is Act One of four short films from the Theatre of Terror Anthology 

The Bookworm (2017)

Director: Tom Ryan

Screenwriter: Tom Ryan

Concept story: Russell Hackett

Genre: Creature feature

A wealthy young book connoisseur purchases a library of rare texts at auction. It’s the perfect escape for this introvert, but there’s more to this collection than just old books. Starring Scott Gorbach, Sarah Schoofs, Cienna Rizza, Jennifer Jiles, and Patrick Devaney.

The Bookworm is Act Two of four short films from the Theatre of Terror Anthology

abducted .jpg

Abducted (2017)

Director: Tom Ryan

Screenwriter: Tom Ryan

Genre: Sci-fi

People are going missing in Chavez County. One night while out camping in the deep woods with his dog Boo, Ned is shocked to witness a UFO landing. Despite the frightening experience, Ned feels compelled to return to the scene. But will his curiosity lead him to discover the reason behind the mysterious disappearances...or something far worse?

Abducted is Act Three of four short films from the Theatre of Terror Anthology

Endangered poster.jpg

Endangered (2018)

Director: Tom Ryan

Screenwriter: Tom Ryan

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Three young activists on a radical mission to thwart a hunting party deep in gray wolf territory stumble upon a strange family living in a cabin by the lake. The family shares their passion for the plight of the wolves but for much different reasons.

Endangered is Act Four of four short films from the Theatre of Terror Anthology


The Theatre of Terror (2018)

TOTA 2.jpg

The Theatre Of Terror (2018)

Director: Tom Ryan

Screenwriter: Tom Ryan

Genre: Horror Anthology

A young woman who volunteers to help an old movie house in jeopardy of closing discovers she has arrived too late. The mysterious proprietor of the theatre invites her on a tour of the landmark building and offers a surprise screening of some dreadful stories. She sits hypnotized and finds herself drawn into the tales of terror more than she would like to be.  

This anthology includes the short films "The Gift", "The Bookworm", "Abducted" and "Endangered".  

poster b&w.jpg

Soothsayer (2020)

Director: Tom Ryan

Screenwriter: Tom Ryan

Genre: Sci-fi

A brilliant scientist (Anthony Robert Grasso) and his assistant (Samantha Lacey Johnson) discover the secret of time travel albeit with certain limitations. When he demonstrates his new device for an old colleague (Denis Ooi), he catches a horrifying glimpse of what the future holds and is determined to prevent it.


"Soothsayer" is act one of the four-act anthology, "Return to The Theatre of Terror", 


Splinter (2021)

Director: Tom Ryan

Original Story: Todd Staruch 

Screenwriter: Tom Ryan

Genre: Horror 

While renovating his recently inherited home, Scott Wills (Jim Thalman) steps on a small splinter. The wound only continues to get worse as he slowly learns the history of the town, it’s people and a terrible family legacy.  


"Splinter" is act two of the four-act anthology, "Return to The Theatre of Terror",